Have you discovered the power of cloud?

The latest updates and patches, delivered automatically; Secure VPN access both in and out of the office; 

Enterprise level of cyber security.



High speed internet connection; proven disaster recovery; easily meet broker compliance requirements.


Reduced hardware expenditure, and user-based monthly pricing at a decreased cost;

Ease of scalability, both up and down; Only pay for what you use.

Why move WinBEAT to the cloud?

More and more clients continue to inquire about a WinBEAT cloud option. We are pleased to advise that WinBEAT can be easily deployed into a cloud environment. If you are also considering moving your network to the cloud, we can help with this as well. Ebix will help you achieve this by connecting you with one of our preferred cloud partners who specialise in servicing insurance broker businesses.

There are many reasons why businesses are increasingly deciding to invest in cloud based computer software, and even moving whole company networks to be hosted on the cloud. The benefits of cloud computing are many, including increased value and savings, enterprise level security and better protection in case of a disaster. 

The key advantage of moving WinBEAT to the cloud is handing over responsibility for backups, upgrades, disaster recovery, and security to the professionals. This is particularly beneficial for SME businesses who lack the time or skills to look after their most valuable asset. By hosting WinBEAT in a cloud environment you are outsourcing a substantial component of your IT duties at a very affordable price. It is what the industry refers to as SaaS or Software as a Service.

Perhaps you've heard all this before, but the reason you haven't gone through with it is because it all seems too complicated. We understand IT complications are the last thing any business wants. That's why we've teamed up with our most trusted cloud providers, Broker Ready and Somerville, to take the worry out of moving to the cloud. Both providers have experience specifically with WinBEAT and our other broking systems, and understand the specific technology and compliance needs of a broking business. They will be pleased to go through your options with you or create a customised option if required.

The truth is, even though you may not be aware of it, you are probably already reaping the benefits of cloud computing. Whether it is iTunes, Dropbox,  or movie and music streaming, cloud computing is well and truly here to stay, and not as daunting as you may assume.  If you would like to talk with one of our cloud partners, click the learn more button. For a better understanding of cloud computing, see our in-depth definition.

What is a private cloud solution?

A cloud solution, put simply, stores computer data and programs on multiple servers that can be accessed via the internet. This replaces the need to store most software on each individual's hard drive. This is a popular IT solution with Australian businesses for a number of reasons. It provides efficiency and value when installing and upgrading software because the effort required is minimised. A cloud solution can be a more cost effective option thanks to its flexible cost structure, only charging what you use now rather than what you think you might use in a few years time. It also makes it easy to share data within the company through a shared network, which can be accessed from almost anywhere at any time through the internet.

A cloud solution can be public, private or hybrid. The public cloud is the most affordable option because it has multiple businesses accessing the same servers, divided virtually, across public networks. A private cloud on the other hand is dedicated to a single business. The systems in a private cloud are only accessible by its client from behind a firewall, delivering increased security and privacy, more control and improved reliability. A private cloud solution is the best option for organisations that require their data to be kept secure and private, or those that require customised configuration. Most organisations choose the Hybrid Cloud model as it combines the best of both solutions, making it more cost effective than a completely private cloud solution.

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